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Italian Lottery – About

The Italian SuperEnaLotto has built a considerable reputation in the global lottery world. Italy has many lotteries which are operated by the Italian Lottomatica, these are regional and draws are conducted in the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome and Venice.

Super EnaLotto is however operated by Sisal and it is Italy’s biggest lottery game, known to generate big jackpot prizes that have grown to be the biggest in Europe and at times worldwide. No surprise then that lottery players all over the world buy tickets online and play SuperEnaLotto for lifechanging jackpot prizes.

Sisal has existed since 1946 and operates many types of games and lotteries but Super Ena Lotto is their flagship venture. It is descended from the state run Enalotto which launched in the 1950’s and was hugely popular among the Italian people. In 1996 Sisal won a state competition and took over the Enalotto, at the same time proposing some changes to the game formula, with the aim of making it simpler and more popular.

The government approved these ideas in 1997 and in December that year Super EnaLotto was launched. Today, only EuroMillions can claim to be more popular among European lotto lovers! The Italian SuperEna Lotto has no less then 3 weekly draws – yes, you have 3 chances to win SuperEnaLotto every week. The numbers are picked from a single matrix of 90 numbers, of which you pick 6 lucky ones to enter into each lottery draw.

Initially, each SuperEna number was picked as the first number drawn in each of the city lotteries operated by the Lottomatica; 1 from Bari, 1 from Florence and so on in alphabetical order until the 6 main numbers where drawn. Then Venice would contribute a 7th number, the so called “Jolly” number – which is equivalent to the bonus ball you might know from many other lotteries.

This interesting arrangement was abandoned on the 1st of July 2009 and since then SuperEnaLotto numbers have been drawn independently of Lottomatica draws.

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