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California lottery

SuperLotto Plus is an American lottery game run only in the state of California, although you can of course play Superlotto online via the internet. Before you write this lottery off, let us remind you that California is not only the 3rd largest US state, it is also the most populated one with close to 38 million inhabitants.

That’s quite a number of lottery players and when you add lottery lovers from all over the world who buy SuperLotto Plus online and play via the internet, then the jackpots really get cooking! SuperLotto Plus jackpots start out at $7 million minimum but can reach dizzying heights, the record being a $193 million jackpot prize shared by 3 lucky SuperLotto ticket holders on February 16th 2002.

California has offered a number of jackpot style lottery games through the years and seen various changes in the format. It began with a “6-49” game back in 1986, this was swithced to a 53 number lottery in 1990 which included a seventh bonus number being drawn. After that followed a 51 number game which operated until the year 2000.

SuperLotto Plus is played with a number variant referred to as 47/27. The current format resembles that of the American Mega Millions lottery: The five main winning numbers are drawn from a pool of 47 numbers and then a “Mega number” is drawn from a seperate pool of 27 balls.

 Another thing the SuperLotto Plus and Mega Millions lottery have in common is the fact they are the only lottery games sold in California which depend on traditional drawing mechanisms, rather then random number generators.

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